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Champlin Park Band Association

The Champlin Park Band Association (CPBA) would like to invite you to our upcoming meetings. Attending the meetings is a great way to support the Champlin Park band program and connect with other parents. Anyone with a student in the band program is welcome to attend a monthly meeting.   It's easier than ever to participate since we are meeting via Google Meets. You can join us from the comfort of your home! 

Upcoming meeting topics include reports from the band directors, 2021 Board leadership positions, fundraising opportunities (connected to the potential 2021 marching band trip), and planning for work and updates to the trucks and trailers for the marching band.   


Upcoming meetings

The next Band Association meeting(s) will be on Wednesday, October 7th and Thursday, November 12th @ 7 PM via google meets.

Email cpba.pres@gmail to get a link to join the meeting


Executive Board:



Kiersten Nicolson - cpba.pres@gmail.com


Vice President 

Shelly Davenport - cpba.vp@gmail.com



Jill Raum - cpba.secy@gmail.com



Sheila McConnell - cpba.treas@gmail.com


Past President

Pat Raum 


Band Directors:


Steve Johnson - StephenA.Johnson@ahschools.us


Steve Lyons - Steve.Lyons@ahschools.us